Health Care Reform and You

For years, health care reform has made headlines.

Now, for every American, the rubber meets the road. Each of us needs to learn how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare, impacts us. More importantly, we need to know how we can take advantage of the benefits under the new law.

We hope you will use this website as a resource to help guide you through the changes that are coming under health care reform.

About Health Care Reform

The stated purpose of health care reform is to provide access to quality health insurance for all Americans. The new law requires that individuals, with exceptions, obtain health coverage or face a possible penalty. The law will shift billions in taxpayer dollars to assist those who cannot afford coverage.

If you are currently uninsured, now is the time to get health coverage for you and your family. The open enrollment period ends February 15, 2015.

Additional facts about the new law:

  • Insurance companies cannot deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions (example: cancer, diabetes, etc.)
  • New requirement for insurance companies to justify significant rate increases
  • It is now illegal for health insurance companies to cancel your health insurance just because you get sick
  • Allows parents to keep their dependents on their health insurance until age 26
  • Protects your choice of doctors
  • If you are insured, insurance benefits must now include some free preventive care (visits to your doctor to keep you well)
  • Ends lifetime and yearly dollar limits on coverage of essential health benefits

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The US Census estimates that approximately 1.5 million North Carolinians under age 65 were uninsured in 2011 (almost one out of every five non-elderly people in the state).

In Gaston County, non-covered individuals included approximately 4,000 kids & approximately 28,000 adults  (2010-2011)

Being uninsured can have a profound impact on your health and financial wellbeing.